Szymon Mazanik


Work history at

Android, Java and Kotlin developer with two years of experience developing commercial software. Worked on many different mobile applications for thousands of users.

  • Responsible for REST API handling, SQL databases, Bluetooth external devices integrating
  • Ability to learn fast and adjust to new environment
  • Learning and actively creating software in new technologies - Flutter and Dart language

Side project


Example MVVM Android app in Kotlin with pagination

Reads data from remote API.

  • Architecture Components:
    • Data Binding
    • LiveData
    • ViewModel
    • Navigation
    • Paging
  • RxJava, RxKotlin, RxAndroid
  • Retrofit
  • Moshi
  • Timber
  • JUnit, Espresso

Source code at

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3